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How to Troubleshoot Your Central Air Conditioning

We on Staten Island know how hot it get on our island. There is nothing worse than having the first sweltering hot day of the year arrive and not having the proper air conditioning to cool your room or house down. Perhaps you have a room with a small baby that refuses to go to sleep until she feels comfortable. Think about the embarrassment of having your relatives come over for the weekend and the air conditioning goes out on the fritz. Maybe the air conditioning goes out on the night you really need a good night’s rest before a big day at work. To avoid this problem, it is best to check the air conditioning unit to see if it works before the first hot day of the year.

Air Conditioning Staten Island

There are many choices for a new air conditioner in Staten Island

Your window mounted air conditioner is a smaller version of larger central air models used in larger homes and buildings. It is simply packed into a smaller unit and used to cool off a room rather than the entire building. Here are some common problems people with air conditioning in Staten Island often face during the sweltering hot summer months:

  • Water drips from the front panel: If you see water dripping from the front panel, simply change the slope of the unit so that it drips to the exterior.
  • Air conditioning cycle goes on and off often: Ensure that the thermostat is not obstructed by curtains or other window coverings.
  • Air conditioning does not turn on: Make sure the unit is properly plugged in.
  • Unit frequently blows a fuse: If your unit shares the same electrical circuit with another large appliance, try using a larger amp.

If you find that the problem with your air conditioning is not solved by following any of these tips, then it is time to call a professional. When looking for air conditioning repair in Staten Island it is best if done well before you know you need it. The advantages of doing so include the following:

  • peace of mind
  • avoid service delays
  • allow time to budget for unexpected repairs or purchase of a new unit

Finding air conditioning repair in Staten Island doesn’t need to be a hassle. When you are familiar with common problems you can fix yourself as well as problems that need the attention of a professional, then you are well on your way to having a great summer.

Top 3 Questions to Ask About Your Home and Air Conditioning Systems

As the temperatures heat up in Staten Island, homeowners want to know how to keep their home cool while also remaining healthy. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to take care of the air quality in your home. However it is important to find the right air condition repair service to partner with you on the job. Here are three essential questions you need to ask before contacting  any air condition service company in Staten Island.

  1. Is your air conditioner working properly? Before summer gets into full swing, it’s a good idea to research air conditioner repair in Staten Island. What you don’t want is for the hottest day of the year to arrive and you are stuck without cool air. Check to make sure that the thermostat and other parts to your air conditioning is in proper order before you actually need it.
  2. Is your home prone to mold? As the humidity kicks up during the spring and summer months, some homes may be more prone to mold than others. This is particularly true if you plan to leave your home for summer vacations. Whether it is a weekend getaway, or you plan to be gone for weeks at a time, it is important to keep your air conditioning running, or at least keep the fan on during your time away. The cool air will lower humidity levels.
  3. Do you have summer allergies? Your air vents are yet another major source for mold and mildew to get into your home. When you look into air conditioner repair in Staten Island, it is important to ask to check your air vents as these become places where dirt, dust, mold, and pollen can not only get stuck, but be recirculated throughout the whole house.

Air conditioner repair in Staten Island doesn’t have to be complicated as long as you have found the proper company to work with. If you take the time to answer these three questions, you will be armed with the proper information that will assist your air conditioning service professional with doing a great job in your home.

Air Conditioner Repair Staten Island

Five Borough Report: Fix Your Air Conditioner

As summer approaches in NYC, air conditioners become extremely important. We put them away for the winter, but hot temperatures force people to bring them out of closet and to put them back in windows. For those who have central air, the process is a bit simpler. Do you want to make sure that you are able to stay cool in NYC this summer? If you answered yes then you need to make sure your air conditioner is running at full capacity. Working with powerful electronics can be extremely dangerous (and potentially life threatening) if you do not know what you are doing. It is recommend that you trust professional air conditioning repair in Staten Island or Brooklyn if you do not have any experience. There are a few things that you can do for yourself and your air conditioner that might help to ensure it runs well: this is the case even if you have no experience working with eclectic currents or machinery. For more intense work we recommend you call professionals, so that you and your home remain safe.

Air Conditioning Installation Staten IslandIf you find that your air conditioner is working intermittently or not working at full capacity, you should first check three things. Don’t make your first thing air condition repair or replacement. Check these three things before calling a professional because you may be dealing with a quick and free fix. Calling a professional will always cost money. The first thing to check may seem obvious, but sometimes people get confused and or forget. Check to see if the registers in the house are open (where the cold air comes out). Sometimes people close the vents, especially during the winter if they have central air. Make sure all these register are open. If you are still having a problem then you should see if the filter is clogged. Make sure the power to the unit is turned off/unplugged. Pull out the filter and clean it thoroughly. This should hopefully help. If that doesn’t work then try deicing the coil. Turn off the cooling setting in the unit and turn on the on fan (not auto). If you let this run for thirty minutes to an hour this should melt ice and restore proper airflow.

If you try these three things and you are still getting no results, it is time to call professionals. You may want to save money and fix your unit yourself, but big electrical machines are not toys. If you don’t have experience working with electrics than please trust someone who does. You can hire professional air condition repair in Staten Island, or any other borough, to make sure that you stay cool this summer.

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