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Common Causes for Leaking Air Conditioning Systems

A leaking AC unit can cause many different problems in a home. It is definitely more than just a minor annoyance. An AC that leaks in the home can attract pests and cause mold. Pests and mold thrive in hot, damp, and dark areas. Hiring HVAC technicians for air conditioning repair on Staten Island or Brooklyn is the best way to stop leaks, regardless of what is causing the problem. In NYC, there are four common problems that can cause an air conditioner to leak. These problems include:

Dirty/Clogged Air Filter: a dirty air filter will prevent air from flowing freely to the condenser, which can cause the part of the machine to freeze. As it thaws, it will drip water into your home. As it repeatedly freezes and thaws, the pool of water will grow.

Low/No Refrigerant: a lack of refrigerant will cause low pressure in the AC system, which creates freezing problems (like a dirty filter). As coils melt, water will spill over the drain pan.

Clogged Condensate Drain Line: dust, dirt, mold, and sludge will clog a drain line. The clogged line will prevent water from freely moving, and instead it will backup into a home. We can help you unclog the line.

Old/Damaged Drain Pan: All systems are built with functional drain pans, but with extended use those pans rust and corrode. As holes grow in the pan, water will begin to leak.

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