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Common Reasons Gas Furnaces Blow Cold Air

During the winter, you do not want your furnace to blow cold air. Unfortunately, problems arise that cause furnaces to malfunction, which forces the system to push out cold air into your rooms. If you notice this problem, do not panic and give us a call today. We work with heating Staten Island and Brooklyn. When a gas furnace blows cold, it could be one of three standard reasons.

1)      Is your thermostat set to ON? When a furnace only blows out cold air intermittently, even though the blower is running consistently, a furnace will push out cold air. A blower is designed to push air through your system, but if the furnace is not heating air, then only cold air will be available. Sometimes, this problem can be corrected by switching the thermostat’s fan setting to AUTO.

2)      A furnace will protect itself from overheating. If you notice that your furnace blows hot, then cold, and then stops altogether, there is a substantial likelihood that your furnace is overheating. A furnace will turn itself off before getting too hot. This problem is usually attributed to dirty air filters.

3)      The pilot light of a gas furnace can go out, and then your system will not blow hot air at all. There are several solutions for fixing a pilot light, so it is best to trust professionals to identify the problem.

Let our talented team help you stay warm this winter. For heating Brooklyn or Staten Island, let us be your first call.

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