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Common Winter HVAC Issues

If you live in the NYC area, you truly understand just how cold a New York Winter can be. The only way to truly survive the winter is to make sure that your home has hot water and proper heat. The strain of constant usage throughout winter months can hurt your system, which can potentially lead to a breakdown. The problems a person will face during this time are common, and so heating repair Staten Island can quickly assess and fix all problems. If you notice that your system is running subpar, it is most likely one of the below issues.

Noises coming from your heater indicate that something is wrong. Typically, people report hearing rumbling, squeaking, and rattling noises. It is hard to diagnose a system without a visual inspection, but noises are usually caused by poor air flow, mechanical problems, or clogged burners.

Thermostats can give wrong readings, which means that temperatures and times can be inaccurate. This leads to an overworked system and a higher energy bill. A faulty thermostat can also be responsible for wearing out a fan.

Insufficient heat is a common problem when an HVAC system is not properly maintained.  Vents get jammed, filters clog, and lines rupture, which will cause a system to work harder while performing poorly.

Heating repair Staten Island is the best option when your system is malfunctioning. Do not simply go out and by a new system. If you own an HVAC in Staten Island, you should take care of it.

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