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Different Ways to Heat Your Home This Winter

Although summer is just behind us, it is never too early for Staten Island and Brooklyn homeowners to start thinking about a plan to heat their homes this winter. There is nothing worse than having the first cold day of the year hit and you find out that your heating system is not functional. Are you satisfied with your system for heating your home? Perhaps it is time to get a professional to maintain or even upgrade the heating system you already have.

Heat can be transferred and distributed throughout your home in a variety of ways. Central air and heating systems use ducts that use forced air in the various rooms of your home. This is different from radiant heat systems that will be further explored below.

What are Steam Radiators?

Steam radiators can be found in older Staten Island and Brooklyn homes. While it is one of the oldest heating systems around, it also tends to be the least efficient. Why? Steam radiators tend to be less efficient because it uses a process of boiling and condensing water that has to travel from the water heater, through pipes, then distributed throughout the house. Many homeowners find it annoying to have to wait through the significant lag time between the time it takes for the water to boil to distribution.

How do Hot Water Radiators Work?

You will find many newer homes in Staten Island and Brooklyn with hot water radiators. A hot water radiator generally resembles steam radiators in that they sit upright on the floor. Customers enjoy hot water radiators because they are easy to customize to larger homes. An HVAC technician can help you to create heating zones that will allow your heaters to distribute heat around your home without wasting energy. However, keep in mind that the heat would have to remain at one temperature throughout the house. Attempting to lower the temperature in one space would only lower the temperature in adjacent rooms.

Radiant heat is still a viable option for heat distribution for your Staten Island or Brooklyn home. Whether you choose to go with steam radiators or upgrade to hot water radiators, it is best to look at the pros and cons of each choice. Talking to your HVAC technician will reveal a lot more information about what choice will work best for your home.

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