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HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Much like your car needs routine service, so does your HVAC system. As a home or business owner, you should have your HVAC system professionally serviced twice a year! The best time to have your system serviced is at the beginning of the heating season and the beginning of the cooling season. Quality Cool and Heat can perform these seasonal services to ensure your system is working smoothly! Did you know there are certain things you can do between these services that will help keep your HVAC system until those services?  Here are some tips for HVAC maintenance:

Heating Season:

  • Check that all your gas and oil connections are connected correctly.
  • Make sure gas pressure is correct.
  • Cover your air conditioner to keep it safe from debris when not in use.

Cooling Season:

  • All parts of your air conditioner should be cleaned. This includes the evaporator, condenser and all coils.
  • Make sure there is no debris near your system as this can cause damage. If there is, be sure to clear it out.
  • Change your air filters – this is a very important step!

Throughout the year:

  • If your thermostat is set and it seems that your home is not meeting the settings, you might want to make a service call before a problem arises.
  • Be sure that all the connections are properly connected.
  • Do a thermostat check. Make sure all of the controls are working as they should. You don’t want to try to turn it on and up when the cold weather hits and it doesn’t work properly!
  • Have Quality clean your ducts and be sure to get your furnace inspected.
  • Keep your programmable thermostat at the right settings.

If you stay on top of these maintenance procedures throughout the seasons, your HVAC system should continue to work properly and keep you comfortable! If you need any assistance with your HVAC system, Quality Cool and Heat, Inc is happy to help! ‘Like’ us on Facebook for more information on what we can do for you as well as our promotions!

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