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air-conditioning-installationBuying a new air conditioner is never a fun or exciting activity. Most people dread having to shop and pay for home appliances. Being smart about shopping decisions will help you to save money while purchasing and installing a new system.

Buying an air conditioner during the offseason is smart. It is logical to think that winter is the offseason, but in reality that is not the case. Winter and summer are considered busy times for the HVAC industry. An HVAC technician in Brooklyn is just as busy during the summer as they are in the winter. This will increase the cost of purchase and installation.

The best time to buy and install a new air conditioner is the months between winter and summer (fall and spring). During these months the weather tends to be pleasant, and so heat and cold air are not needed in the house. HVAC technicians will be available to work on your system before the summer gets hot.

If you are in the market for a new air conditioning unit, consider waiting until the fall or spring to buy and install. You will save money this way. We are able to address any questions regarding new systems and installations.

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