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HVAC System Parts

HVAC systems can definitely get confusing if you aren’t sure what is involved in the system. At Quality Cool and Heat, we want to make sure that you know the parts of your HVAC system so that you can take the best care of your system and ensure that it lasts longer! We want you to be able to know as much as you can about your system, so we’re sharing what the most important parts of your system do!

    • No matter what season, your air filters are a vital part of your system. When the air moves through your home, your air filters ensure that the air is clean and healthy!
    • After the air moves through your air filters, it is pushed throughout your home. The air travels through your home through ducts!
    • Your furnace is really important to your HVAC system, especially during the winter! It works by absorbing heat and moving the heated air through your home
    • Air conditioners are used to remove extra heat in your home and move the air to keep you cool

Now that you know what some of your system parts do, you can better know how to care for them! If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to call us! ‘Like’ us on Facebook for more information on our products and services!

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