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HVAC Systems and Pets

A pet can warm up a home and put a smile on peoples faces, but at the same time, they can also harm your HVAC system. There are specific factors to take into account when owning pets (especially ones that shed). Being mindful of both your pets and HVAC systems can allow you to breath cleaner air, reduce energy costs, and significantly lessen the need for heating repair Staten Island or Brooklyn. A pet owner should:HVAC Brooklyn

1)      Always make sure that your HVAC air filters are clean. Pets that shed leave hair all over. This fur is on the floor and in the air. It gets pulled in to the HVAC system and is caught by the filter. Pet dander is also a big problem. Even hairless animals give off dander (which is the central part of animals that people are allergic too), and that dander gets picked up in the filters as well. A clogged filter will make it harder to breathe for someone who suffers from pet allergens. Make sure you are inspecting your screen frequently. If it is dirty, you must clean it. If it is old, it must be replaced. Cleaning should be done more regularly when you own pets.

2)      Consider having annual duct cleaning. Dander and fur build up in these areas and cause problems throughout the house. Our talented team can help clean ducts and remove all dander, hair, dirt, and other debris. Call us for heating in Brooklyn.

3)      For a system to blow hot or cold, all vents must be open. Pets who climb might knock or bump units, and they can inadvertently shut vents. Periodically check to make sure they are all open.

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