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HVAC Systems throughout time

Throughout history humans have developed ingenious ways of heating and cooling homes and dwellings.  As technology advanced, machines took the place of conventional household temperature regulation; motors cooled air, instead of rope fans, and electricity became the best way to provide warm and cold air. The HVAC system or heating, ventilating, cooling and air conditioning are the modern day methods of cooling and heating any space. Today, these integral machines ensure that we work, live and recreate in comfortable and clean environments. HVAC cooling is a conglomerate term that takes multiple fields of study into account. The cooling portion of HVAC refers to air conditioners; ventilation refers to air purifiers, and heating, intrinsically, refers to warming an area. In order to trace the history of HVAC systems and learn how these machines developed into their current state, it is necessary to understand the primitive versions that were used in the past.

A good number of famous ancient civilizations had clever ways of heating and cooling their homes. In ancient Rome it was common to find hypocausts built into the infrastructure of a building.  Hypocausts were rudimentary heating systems that were used to radiate heat for rooms and steam baths.  The Romans that could afford to live in such accommodations experienced the luxury of a warm room.

16th century France developed a method of ventilation for those who worked in the mines. A series of fans would direct fresh air into the shaft, so that the workers could breathe easier.  During this period, European styled chimneys gained popularity in the newly developing United States. The majority of these homes used wood, coal or other carbon materials for heat.

When the Industrial Revolution occurred, people all over the world experienced a drastic change in their lifestyles. Large stoves and furnaces were designed to heat factories, and the steam engine made it possible to mechanically circulate air throughout a building. This brought on dramatic increase in inventions that were the precursor to the modern HVAC system.  The invention of the centrifugal fan, high-pressure steam heating, and motors were combined to both, heat and cool homes.  The most important invention of this time was the introduction of electricity, which became the primary source of heating and cooling.  Scientists during this time worked in tandem to create what is commonly know as a HVAC unit today.  If you are looking to purchase a new HVAC system, or want to learn more about them, it is always best to contact a local professional in the area.

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