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Listening to the Needs of Your Heating System

As winter approaches, it is essential for all homeowners to test, maintain, repair, or replace their furnace or heating system. No one should have to go through cold days and nights with insufficient heating. Before the temperatures drop too much, you should run your machine to give it a performance evaluation. Does heat pump out and is the heat a desirable temperature? Does your system make weird or unusual noises? Listening to the sounds your system makes is one of the easiest ways to determine if you need heating repair on Staten Island.

Noises to listen for include:

  • High pitched whistling or squealing: If you notice high pitched sounds emanating from your machine, there is a likely chance that either your system needs to be lubricated or you have a broken blower bel
  • Scraping: this is one of the worst noises you can hear, and so when you do it is recommended to turn the system off and call for heating repair. Scraping happens when ball bearings in the system wear out, which will begin to cause irreparable damage to your system.
  • Rattling, vibrating, rocking: This problem can be small with a simple fix, like when the cover panel becomes loose.  If the problem is a result of a cracked heat exchanger, then there could be gases leaking into the home for all to breath

Take care of your heating system before it breaks-down in the middle of winter. For heating Staten Island or Heating Brooklyn, we are the place to call!

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