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Lowering Energy Bills during spring and summer

Spring and summer in Staten Island and Brooklyn are two beautiful seasons.  As the weather warms up, so will the temperatures in your home. During this period you can expect much higher energy bills due to the increased use of your air conditioner. Below are some tips to help stay cool while saving money during the spring and summer months.

Utilize your windows for fresh air:

If you reside in a climate that has cooler nights, make sure to open your windows while you are sleeping.  This will bring cool air into the home and keep you cool while you rest.  Once you wake up, make sure to shut the windows to shut in the cool, night air.

Use your thermostat efficiently:

Make sure you set your thermostat as high as you can tolerate in the summer months. The lower the difference between the outdoor temperature and the thermostat, the less money you will pay in electricity costs.

Use fans to circulate air:

If you use a celling fan to circulate air throughout your home, you can raise your thermostat up to 5 degrees.  This will help increase the cooling efficiency throughout your home.

If you have more questions, contact a specialist on heating in Staten Island or Brooklyn.

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