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Mechanics of an Air Conditioner

Most do not put much thought into their air conditioner. When it is hot out, the air conditioner goes on to cool off the house. Have you ever thought about the mechanics of your air conditioner and how it works? All homeowners should know the basics of their unit. A better understanding of the basics will help when issues arise.

The first air conditioner was invented in 1902 in Brooklyn to help a paper stock company with humidity issues. The first machine treated the air within the building by blowing it across chilled pipes. As the air passed across the chilled pipes, it cooled. The cooler air did not carry as much moisture, which decreased the amount of humidity. The side effect of reduced humidity was a cooler building that in turn resulted in the invention of the first air conditioner. The machine quickly gained popularity and started popping up in multiple businesses including movie theaters and department stores.

An air conditioner runs using a simple scientific law known as phase conversion. The main compound found in the unit is refrigerants, which have properties that enable them to change at relatively low temperatures. Your air conditioner works similarly to another household unit: the refrigerator. The only difference is that while your fridge has an exterior housing to insulate the cold, the AC relies on the walls in your home to keep in the cold air.

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