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Mold and HVAC Systems

Mold in the home can pose potential health risks for those living under that roof. At times, mold is easy to spot because it makes a clear marking on wall, floors, and ceiling. Once mold gets to a certain size, it becomes hard to miss. Visible mold can be taken care of quickly, but homeowners still must worry about mold inside of HVAC systems. An air condition that has mold inside of it will end up blowing mold particles throughout a home.

It is hard to conclude if mold is in your system from only looking at it. At times, mold can produce a smell, which can be used as an indicator. The only way to fully inspect a system for mold is with the hired help of an HVAC technician. Our trained team knows how systems work and we have the right tools: mechanical brushes, blowguns, air whips, air skippers, and vacuums with HEPA filters.

Air conditioning repair in Brooklyn is the best way to get your system working properly and the air in your home clean. Our team of professional can fully remove mold from systems, including ducts. If you use air conditioning in Brooklyn, make sure that the system is pumping cold and clean air.

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