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Prepping Your HVAC System for the winter

As the temperate falls with each passing day, sadly the transition from warm summer days to cold winter nights in NYC is coming. It is time to start prepping your HVAC system for the colder months, so that you can combat the cold. Many apartment owners do no have to worry about the tasks of prepping a dwelling for winter, but for the homeowners in the outer lying boroughs it is an important task to complete each year. There are many different steps that should be taken in order to properly prepare your home for the winter. By taking these precautionary measures, you can maximize the efficiency of your heating ventilation and air conditioning system during the winter. Following these simple steps can help lower your energy bill and extend the longevity of your HVAC system.

Check Your HVAC Thermostat

You always want to make sure that your thermostat is functional before the winter months start. Many out dated thermostats use mercury, which can result in inaccurate temperature readings. It is recommended that these archaic thermostats are replaced with a battery operated, digital gauge. If your home already has a digital readout thermometer, make sure the batteries are new and that the digital temperature is set to an appropriate number.

Heat Pump Preparation

Many homes use a heat pump to cool and heat water. It is a vital aspect of an HVAC system that—if treated incorrectly—can lead to expensive repairs. Always make sure that the heat pump is unobstructed and has access to circulating air. Many manufactures design special covers that can guarantee that no snow or ice falls on the heat pump’s fans. If this were to happen, the fan would not be able to properly circulate air throughout the pump. As a result of this component being both expensive and subject to damage, it is recommended to contact a heating specialist in Staten Island or Brooklyn.

In all of NYC, Staten Island and Brooklyn are known to have the most single-family homeowners with HVAC systems. For heat pump preparation, it is best to contact a specialist on heating in Staten Island or Brooklyn to look at the pump and make the proper alterations.

Air Filters

Every HVAC system owner should always check on the air filter to see that it is clean and functional. Air filters should be regularly checked in order to ensure that the air quality in your home is optimal. Clean air filters also ensure the best efficiency for an HVAC system.

If you have more questions on prepping a HVAC system for the winter, it is always best to contact a professional service that focuses on heating in Staten Island or Brooklyn.

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