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Summer Tune Ups

Emergency repairs and new purchases of air conditioning units will always be more expensive than preventative care. Showing your machine TLC, even when it seems to be working fine, is the best way to avoid broken down systems. As summer months approach, you want to make sure that your conditioner is running at peak performance.

The spring is the best time to schedule air conditioning tune-ups. The spring and fall are the most flexible times for HVAC technicians. Making appointments is usually easier at these times. You also want to tune up your unit during the spring, to that you avoid any issues or breaks during the hot months.

Tuning up a system will:

  1. Significantly reduce the chance of breakdowns. Air conditioners tend to break with little to no warning. The only way to spot problems before they occur is with a thorough inspection.
  2. Increase the overall efficiency of your system. With a good cleaning and the addition of lubrication, your air conditioner can run as if it were new. An optimized machine will keep rooms cooler while wasting less energy.
  3. All systems deteriorate with extended use. During the life span of an air conditioner, parts can and should be changed/fixed. Annual air condition maintenance will extend the lifespan of your system.

We offer complete air conditioning repair throughout Brooklyn. We can help you optimize your system, which will extend its life, lower energy bills, and prevent major breakdowns. Give us a call today!

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