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To Replace or Not to Replace

Replacing a furnace is never a wasted experience. Having to deal with the expensive purchase and then hiring an HVAC technician to install it is a bill that no one genuinely looks forward too. In many cases, individuals will make small fixes to extend the life of their current machine. There are times where replacing a furnace is the most efficient and economical option, but unfortunately, that is not always the case. For all homeowners, there will come a day where replacing your heating system is the smart option. How does an individual know when to make this difficult decision? Ask yourself these questions to have a better understanding of the life of your system.

  1. How old is your machine? All heating systems are sold with an average operating lifespan. Different devices have different averages. Some systems can work up to 8 years whereas others are designed to work for at least 20 years. If your heating unit is rather old (on or past its recommend life cycle), you should consider replacing.
  2. How expensive was your energy bill last winter? Heating bills will always go up in the winter time, but the performance of your system can help dictate how much that monthly statement will go up. Older systems are less energy efficient, and so they require more power to maintain the same heat as modern units.
  3. How frequently are you making repairs to your system?
  4. How does the system perform overall?
  5. How much rust and corrosion are on your machine?

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