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Tools of the Trade for Air Conditioning Repair

Having the right tools for repairing air conditioning systems, either for business or residential buildings, is essential for long-term success. Staten Island summers tend to be very hot and sticky, and so it important to have air conditioning in Staten Island. The last thing any one wants to deal with is their air conditioning going down for even just a few minutes. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can pose other inconveniences and health hazards as well. Keeping the temperatures cool indoors will help prevent people from suffering heat stroke. Young people and the elderly seem to be most vulnerable to this. In addition, many businesses spend thousands to millions of dollars on computer equipment and other office essentials. These machines require a constant cool temperature to keep them from overheating.

Let’s take a look at some of the tools a Staten Island certified HVAC technician uses on a regular basis. These tools help create the best air conditioning Staten Island has.

Air Conditioning Leak Detector

Many air conditioning systems use halogenated refrigerants as part of its cooling process. In general, halogenated refrigerants are considered to be a hazardous waste. If there is a leak in the system, it is important that the HVAC technician detects it early, so that plans can be made to properly dispose and/or recycle the material according to the EPA Clean Air Act.


Knowing the proper temperature of a room or space is essential to the job of an HVAC technician. Oftentimes the thermometers on site can stop working due to old age or through the mistakes of someone else who mishandled them. It is possible to walk onto a site and see that the temperature reads freezing cold, however the air is still moist and warm. The opposite can happen as well. Keeping a good thermometer in your bag of tools will be a great help to troubleshooting a problem.

AC UV Leak Detection Kit

These special kits are made to support HVAC technicians with finding a leak in the air conditioning. Staten Island technicians can also use it to detect leaks in automatic transmissions, power steering, and fuel and cooling systems using UV light technology.

There are lots of things that can go wrong with air conditioning. Staten Island business owners and residents have seen their fair share of problems with faulty systems as well as uncontrollable elements like the weather. Having the right tools on hand to manage these conditions is essential to the job of an effective HVAC technician. If you want the best air conditioning Staten Island has then find a skill HVAC company.

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