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What to Look For When Buying A New Air Conditioner?

When you walk into a home electronics or appliance store, you will be confronted with different options for each section you go to. There are many different options for TVs, stoves/ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers. The same applies for air conditioning units. Summer is just upon us in NYC, and as such the temperatures are going up. If you walk into that electronics store to buy a new air conditioner, what would you buy? Do you simply look at pricing and size of the unit, or do you look for more? Buying a new air conditioner isn’t as simple as going to the grocery store, meaning that when you consider a new air conditioner you have to think of all the different options you have. If you buy the wrong air conditioner then it might cost you too much upfront, as well as on the energy bill later on.

The most important thing to think about is where you will be putting this air conditioner. It is best to know this before you go shopping. If you get a system that is the wrong size then you might not have anywhere to put it. Knowing this information will also help you know if you are getting a unit to sit in your window, or instead one sits on the floor and uses hoses to connect the unit to the window.

Once you know the exact size of the unit you need then you will be able to start thinking about BTUs (British Thermal unit). BTU is how energy is measured in air conditioners. Any system that you go and purchase will clearly display the BTUs that it puts out. There are charts and online calculators to be found on the web that can help you to calculate how many BTUs you need to cool a room properly. A room that is 100 to 150 square feet needs only 5,000 BTUs. A room that is 400 to 450 square feet needs 10,000 BTUs.

Another thing to consider when looking at new air conditioning units is to see if they are energy efficient. A lot of newer models will be Energy Star rated, or something similar. They help the environment and your bill come the end of the month.

If you shop smart then you can get a great air conditioner that will keep you cool without breaking the bank. Sometimes repair can be great for an old system, but buying new can sometimes be best. If your system is less than five years old then you should look for air conditioning repair in Staten Island first. If it cannot be fix then you go out and buy.

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