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Why is my Furnace Short Cycling?

A furnace is a machine that all homes have, and when they are turned on, they are expected to work. They help to circulate hot air throughout a space on a cold, winters day. These machines, like most others, break with constant usage. No system is designed to last forever. Noticing problems in your system and having them repaired quickly is one of the best ways to stay warm, keep energy bills down, and prolong the life of your system. If you notice that your system is short cycling (frequently turning itself off and on), you should call us to inspect your furnace.

There are three common reasons why a furnace will begin short cycling:

As the air filter of an HVAC system or heater gets dirty, air begins to flow less-freely. The extra work and lack of circulation can cause systems to overheat and shutdown. An air filter should be cleaned roughly once a month and should frequently be replaced. Stop breathing dirty air and clean your filters. We can help inspect filters and install new ones.

Broken or improperly installed thermostat: Both analog and digital thermostats can break down, which will cause your system to blow inconsistently. Having our technicians repair your thermostat should get your system working correctly.

The size of your system: If the system is too big, it will cause the home to heat quickly, which will then turn off the furnace. A small system will not be able to handle the output and will frequently shut itself off.

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