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Why is there an Odor Coming from my HVAC?

It is not uncommon to smell a foul odor coming from your HVAC system in Brooklyn or Staten Island. In the industry, this is known as an HVAC affliction called “Dirty Sock Syndrome.” The cause of this problem is bacterial growth in the HVAC system’s coils. When coils become cool and damp, it creates the perfect environment for bacterial growth. When the heat is switched on, it blows the mildew-esque smell throughout the vents of the home, and it permeates throughout the living space.


In addition to the foul smell, dirty sock syndrome also presents health risks for those living inside the home.  Bacterial growth is associated with disease, and is spread easily through an HVAC system. It is important to get this problem dealt with as soon as possible to heighten comfort levels and ensure a healthy living space.

The best method of getting rid of vent odors is to have a heating specialist in Staten Island or Brooklyn examine and clean the heating coils.  A heating specialist in Staten Island or Brooklyn has the experience needed to fix smelly odors in a HVAC system. They will also spray the coils with anti bacterial agents, to ensure that the problem does not occur again.

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