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Winter Heating Problems

Winter is usually not a fun time to be outside. The temperatures are low, and the ground is covered in snow or slush. We come home to get a reprieve or break from the weather outside. There are few worse experiences to be had as a homeowner then finding out there is no heat in your home in the dead of winter.heating brooklyn If the temperatures outside are low enough, it can even create dangerous situations for the house and people living inside of it. Below, we compiled a list of the most commonly experienced winter heating problems. If you notice your system is suffering from any of the below issues, you should reach out to us today for repairs on Staten Island or in Brooklyn.

  1. Frequent cycling: this is when a system is continually turning itself on and off without being prompted to do so. This is usually an easy fix. To fix the problem ensure that the filter is clean and operational.
  2. Inconsistent room temperatures: systems can be inconsistent, and homes can release heat differently in different rooms
  3. Odd noises: usually noises are indicators that something bad is happening that cannot be seen. Don’t just deal with sounds: find out why your system is making odd noises.
  4. Carbon monoxide leaks: this problem threatens the life and health of individuals in the home. Make sure your home has a fully functioning carbon monoxide detector.

Regardless of what is causing your problem, our team can handle it. We can identify and fix all heating problems. During the summer we also deal with air conditioning Staten Island and air conditioning Brooklyn.

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