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Winterizing Your Home

Many individuals in the North East dread the cold of winter. Most do not like feeling cold all the time. During this time of year, the home is supposed to be a sanctuary. For those who do not test systems before the cold, you may be in for an unfortunate breakdown with your furnace during the holiday season. Let our team help bring you efficient heating on Staten Island and Brooklyn. We can help you:

  1. Clean filters and ducts: Because of inactivity over the summer, dust and dirt will collect in heating systems, ducts, and vents. Our talented technicians can help you to thoroughly clean your system. Making this change will reduce odors in the air and will make air cleaner. If filters are broken or dirty, we can help you to replace them.
  2. Test thermostats and efficiency of the system: It is not uncommon for thermostats to malfunction, which means it will become difficult to control the consistent temperature in rooms. We will also make sure your system is blowing out air efficiently from vents.
  3. Keep your furnace clean: When these systems are kept in basements (especially unfinished ones), there is a high tendency for the machine to collect dirt, dust, and mold. Not only will cleaning a system make it perform better, but it will also substantially reduce the potential of a fire.

Let us help you stay comfortable and warm this winter. Call us for heating Staten Island and heating Brooklyn.

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